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”Bell inhabits the character with engaging sympathy, and her screen work is also very impressive. It can be difficult to project emotion through a screen with just shadow, but Bell’s hand work was especially evocative.”
Twin Cities Geek, The Beldenville Troll

"But the play is Richard's to make or mar, and Chloe Bell had a tension, a self-absorption, a strength of voice and a focus that made his destruction a noble ruin."
Arts-Louisville, Richard II

"Both actors give smart, committed performances, relishing the taste of the headlong rush of language...[Bell] comes closest to realizing the heart of the piece."
Arts-Louisville, Cowboy Mouth

"But the frenzy of flying gloves gives free reign for laugh-out-loud comic antics from Chloe Bell..."
Leo Weekly, Richard II

"The Middle Keeps Moving is an understated and warm-spirited piece that has the feeling of a healing provides space for reflection and empathy. This year in particular, we could all use a little of that."
City Pages MN, The Middle Keeps Moving

photo by Jacob Roberts